Fun Fun Fun Fest

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Austin Music Commission, 06/06/2011:
James Moody, Transmission Entertainment, brings a critical “3rd Day” issue to the Commission, brought about by the closing of Waterloo Park, the former home of Fun Fun Fun Fest, for initial work on the Waller Creek Tunnel project, and the festival’s move to Auditorium Shores.

List of All Outdoor Music Venue Permits

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Announcing, a list of all OMV Permit Applications; “Approved” or “Denied”, “Expired”, or “In Review”, by the City of Austin since the City began entering Sound Permits into the AMANDA database in 2009. The list includes:

  • A direct text link to the City of Austin’s official Permit record.
  • The status of all OMV Applications/Permits, as of May 18th, 2011
  • QR Code image to download and print, or creatively replicated in other mediums.

Venue owners/managers,  the QR Code images are provided for download and your use. They can be incorporated into a sign, poster, business card, etc. QR Codes can be replicated in concrete, wood, yarn, Legos,  just about anything that can display the opposing pattern. If anyone needs to know the details of your Music Permit, “show ‘em the Code”QR Code readers are currently being built into newer smartphone cameras. But don’t worry, if your phone’s camera is not QR ready, there are plenty of Apps for that. Need a QR Code Reader App to try it out?

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad: “Scan”, by QR Code City
Android: “Barcode Scanner” by ZXing
More: iPhoneAndroidBlackberry

Examples to scan on your computer. Imagining that you are a Code Compliance officer, or a disgruntled neighbor outside of a Live Music Venue, at 11 PM, and want to know the cut-off times specified on the Permit:

1. Immediately receive simple text, in the App, detailing the allowed decibel level and operating hours specified by the OMV Permit for a specific venue. In this example, scan this image for the official OMV Permit details for The Mean Eyed Cat:

2. Link directly to the City of Austin’s official Permit record, containing additional information. In this example, scan the image to view the entire OMV Permit for Threadgill’s World Headquarters South:

3. To see the complete list of OMV Permits, on your smartphone, scan this image:

Courtesy of Gary EtieAustin City Permits

Information Source:  Public Records, City of Austin

Austin Music Commission Archives

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Austin Music Commission meetings are being archived. Video of the Feb thru May (Update: June meeting now archived), 2011 meetings are currently available.

Meetings prior to February are, hopefully, being added as they are processed by the City’s vendor. I know that I would especially appreciate the public being able to view the November 1st meeting.

New Use Definition: “Live Music Venue”

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Austin Music Commission
Regular Meeting – Monday, March 7, 2011, 6:00 P.M.
Austin City Hall, 301 West 2nd Street, Austin, TX 78701 Room 1101
Discussion and possible action related to definitions of Live Music and Live Music Venues:

Archive of all Boards and Commissions Meeting Videos, including Music Commission meetings

Brad Stein (Chair), Paul Oveisi (Vice Chair) Rich Garza, Margaret Moser, Marcia Zwilling,
Michael Feferman, Joah Spearman

Time For A Change

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Austin’s music permit process has been compromised, politically and economically. We can no longer trust the people making the rules, to follow the rules.

I love you, Austin Music, but there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark. I am just not willing to treat people with respect, when they don’t deserve it. Stay tuned.