30+ Years in Austin

Recent Permit Clients:
Saxon Pub (Building Permit & Certificate of Occupancy for Outdoor Seating)
Mean Eyed Cat (“OWANA Approved” Outdoor Music Venue Permit)

SxSW 2010 Location Scouting and/or Permit Clients:

Past Projects: 1980 – Present:

I hitchhiked to Austin, from Arlington, in 1971, and visited as often as Engineering school would allow, settling here in ’76 – ’77. I started finding my footing in the small business community around the time the Armadillo closed, after ushering in a whole new era of homegrown music venues.

You Scream Ice Cream (1980)
The heart and star detail on this booth end, designed & carved in clear heart redwood, is fairly representative of my “hippie carpenter” period. 2 of the 3 original booths remain, having survived the location’s former incarnation, The Beach, and current tenant, the Crown and Anchor Pub.


Liberty Lunch (1981)
As I drove to work each morning, I would see Jim Franklin sitting in his VW Bug, capturing, on paper, the demolition of the Armadillo World Headquarters. As the old Armory quonset hut yielded to the wrecking ball, the recycled wood and metal was transported directly over to a former lumberyard site and current “space between two buildings” that had become Liberty Lunch. Also, the 1st Permit I ever pulled.

Club Foot

Joe Ely & Little Charlie SextonClub Foot (1983 and ‘84)
Contracted, designed and built the tiered seating on the upper level, the big oak bar in the entry, and the orange formica bar, down under. What was Club Foot like?

Getting paid for my work, backstage, then being introduced to a highly energized Carl Perkins, just coming off stage. Mr. Perkins headlined, but the night was marked by a smokin’ hot opening by the Joe Ely Band, with 14 yr old “Little Charlie” (Sexton) quite dramatically sitting in for injured lead guitarist, Jesse Taylor.

Aunt Pearl and Vera CarpBaze Hair Design (1983)

Bertha and Vera announce their arrival for their “Hair-Do Appointment”, on the opening day of my late friend, Kenny Baze’s, hair salon.

Greater Tuna’s Bertha Bumiller and Vera Carp, (friends, Joe Sears and Jaston Williams)

Brad First Clubs (1980′s) Cannibal Club, etc.

Working with Brad was always interesting. He specialized in running clubs on the barest shoestring of a budget, based on that night’s receipts. Brad has, for years, booked the best music in town.

Amys_arbor_smAmy’s Ice Cream, Arboretum (1985)

A whole lot of fun. Smallest, but highest grossing Amy’s store for a time. My daughter, Marianne was born during this project. Her first non-Mother’s-milk food, ever? ….. Why, Mexican Vanilla, of course!

The Continental Club (1987)

continental clubRussel Buster, Bob Burson, Ken Carpenter, myself and 4 or 5 other independent contractors had formed a crew, during the 80’s bust, and tore into the venerable but dilapidated building that had been the Continental Club, until the night the roof and the water-filled tarp above the stage both gave way.

We were fussed at during the work day, right through the front door, by loyal music fans accusing us of “destroying everything”. This was even as we stripped 2 layers of putrid carpet,  3 more layers of various types of flooring, all layered over the original, rotted wood floor.

mercury_continental_clubI laid the current floor at 4 in the morning, on 2 hours rest, just prior to December 31st, 1987, specifically so owner Steve Wertheimer could open on New Year’s Eve. You tend to remember things like that. That same floor is still there.

We peeled just as many layers off of the walls. One day, while removing a sheet of faux, wood-grained paneling,  one of the namesake “Continental” murals was revealed, and quickly recognized from a photo laying around that can now be seen on the wall behind the bar.

West Lynn Cafe (198?)

west_lynn_cafeThe most fun was placing those 18 ‘ tall windows in the front facade. Heard and watched a car knock fiddler Ralph White off his bike, in the intersection. Took breaks to talk with Raymond Taytum, over at Jeffrey’s

Amy’s Ice Cream, Original Store (1990)

All you can eat Ice Cream, on the job? Oh, the horror. The horror. Gained 30 lbs, easy. Also gained a lot of great friends, including Phil, Amy’s production manager, who is sorely missed by many.

magnolia_cafe_sorry_124hWine Rep – Quality Beverages (what?) (1990 – 1993)

Magnolia Cafe – South Congress (1993) – Design & Permits


Waterloo Brewing Company (1993) – Project Manager

Austin (1993 – 1998) – Web Designer/ Envisioneer

threadgills_beer_garden_smSxSW – Austin Chronicle (1998) – Site Plan Engineer & Permit

San Francisco Bay Area (1998 – 2002) – Web Designer / Web Master

Threadgill’s Beer Garden (2002) – (Permits only, from here on out)


Jerri Kunz Design (2002)

Capelli Hair Salon (2002)

Ryder Truck Rental (2002)


Billy’s on Burnet (2004)

Innu Hair Salon (2004)

Adesa Auctions Austin (2005)


CVS Pharmacy – All Austin Locations (2005)

Capp’s Van Rental (2006)

Cothron’s Safe and Lock (2006)

Terry Sayther Automotive, (2007)

The Music Gym (2007-8), and during SxSW (2008)

Spider House, United States Art Authority (2007-8)

During SxSW 2008:

  • The Levi’s®/FADER Fort, for Lacy Maxwell Productions
  • Music Gym
  • Texas Garage – Produced by JellyNYC
  • United States Art Authority
  • Spider Housespider_house_sm
  • Emerald City Press
  • The Compound
  • Urban Outfitters
  • The Red Barn and Brentwood Tavern
  • 408 Josephine (Future home of “West”)

SxSW 2009:

  • The Levi’s®/FADER Fort, for Lacy Maxwell Productions
  • Music Gym
  • Texas Honky Tonk – Produced by JellyNYC
  • United States Art Authority
  • Spider House
  • Emerald City Pressemeral_city_press
  • The Compound
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Four Square Punk
  • American Youthworks
  • Hitlab
  • Ignition, Inc
  • Pine Street Station
  • The Snack Bar
  • Sustainable Waves