Welcome To the Future, Which is Already in Progress

DJ Larry Monroe’s recent interview with Austin’s KXAN TV

I’ve been troubled by a recent tendency to be aggravated by the simplest of inconveniences. Believe me, having experienced cancer diagnosis, surgery & radiation a couple of years ago, I have a new and fuller appreciation for the simple pleasures of life … but today, I’m wonderin’ if feeling dissatisfied might not be a necessity. Is being dissatisfied with existing conditions¬†a driving force, in both the will to live, and in the evolutionary process?

Then there’s the major aggravations that I share with my community. Whether it’s over the right of owners to host live music, outdoors, at their place of business, or the changes at a beloved local radio station, I have a tendency to take it personally, combined with a feeling of obligation, and the need to try to do something about it, and, according to some people, a tendency to spend way too much time trying to do it.

A couple of years ago, I became very upset at the lack of respect my friend Larry Monroe was being shown by the corporate minded wankers down at KUT FM. What was once, hands down, the best radio station in the country, is now no better than a mediocre replica of countless commercial stations crowding the dial.

A group of people combined their efforts, and exploited some very strong connections, but we couldn’t really change what was happening. The fix was in. The PR firm that KUT hired to ease the transition created a slick, coordinated propaganda campaign. We were outmanned, and, simply, too late.

Deejay to Retire After Decades On Air:

Back to the Top – for a glimpse of the future Larry was referring to, although even he didn’t know what the future held, at the time.

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