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A Sense of Priorities

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I haven’t posted on this website much lately. Too much to do, and too little time in which to get it done.

That’s why, when you face certain facts, healthwise, it sharpens your sense of priorities, to the point where one instinctively narrows in on the pertinent facts. (More on the health stuff later, too, as “things” are narrowed down)

In my case, the priorities tend to fall along the line of, “after caring for, as best I can, to show my love and concern for my family and friends, is to do the right thing for my community”. That community is Austin, my main base, for 35 years. Specifically, my community is the Austin Music Community.

To that end, in this post, and those that will follow, I don’t want to accuse people of being Nazis, not even as being, necessarily, ”evil” people … I just want to set the record straight with facts, as I know them, with a bit of opinion, and intuitive reasoning, thrown in. So, bear with me while I attempt to “Keep My Lamps Trimmed and Burnin’ “, and my knife blades sharp, in doing the right thing, to the best of my ability.

The subject that I must focus on is The Austin Music Office, and will be my attempt to expose a current and ongoing campaign to discredit the Music Office’s good work. The campaign that I’m referring to is being conducted, in part, and in my opinion, by Stratus Properties, with CEO Beau Armstrong at the lead.

This is the man who helped bring pesticides and fertilizer, from the Source Point at his company’s Barton Creek Country Club, directly to the outflow of Barton Springs Pool. That, after Mr. Armstrong having to take over duties of the former Stratus CEO, Jim Bob Moffett, when Jim Bob was exposed as owning the company, Freeport Macmoran, that possessed the mineral rights to the largest gold mines in the world, and was the worst kind of polluter, perhaps the world’s worst polluter, of traditional indigenous peoples and lands.

Basically, Status has blown it, on a number of fronts, regarding decision on the specifications for their building materials, and it is causing problems that they are trying to hide, in there current campaign against both long-time, Downtown, Outdoor Music Venues, and the Music Office.

The sound issues are only part of the problems that Mr. Armstrong faces;

W Hotel to Close after More Glass Falls:

The  focus of this series, however, will be on the campaign Mr. Armstrong is currently, in my opinion, waging, and directing, at long-time Downtown venues, and the Music Office Staff, which is, by my account, the best thing to happen to Austin Music, in the past 3 decades.

This is one of best, and most accurate reports I’ve seen. Excellent reporting, by KXAN’s staff and Reporter Jarred Wise:

More to follow.

HuffPo | Texas Monthly Talks

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Author and Commentator Arianna Huffington from Texas Monthly Talks on Vimeo.

“She’s the George Washington of online news — not news that happens to be online, as when some print publication buys a domain name and ham-handedly replicates its content in virtual form, but the digitally native product we’ve already come to take for granted, full of aggregation links and multiple platforms and wrapped inside a distinct, distinguished, robust brand. It was five years ago in May that the web operation that Arianna Huffington started, The Huffington Post, went live with mix of big-name and big-brained contributors, and look how far both she and we have come since then. In March 2010, the site had 13 million unique visitors, up more than 94 percent over a year earlier and within range of the august New York Times, which had 16.6 million uniques that same month. Its offerings have grown from a single, multi-topic page to subject- and location-specific sub sited within the main site: politics, media, entertainment, books, college, Chicago, New York, L.A., Denver. And Huffington herself has grown too: from a star in the constellation of liberal kibbitzers to a constellation in and of herself. Or maybe she’s just the very best hostess of the most progressive dinner party you could possible attend. Born in Greece, educated at Cambridge University, 59-year-old Huffington is the author of best selling biographies and books of political commentary, a regular on TV shows like Larry King and Keith Olbermann, and, lest we forget, a former independent candidate for governor of California. She lost that race handily to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but that’s probably a good thing: As a true 21st century media baroness, she has much more power than she ever would have in elective office.” – Evan Smith, Texas Monthly Talks, Broadcast 05.13.10