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Live Music ? & Nutty Brown Cafe

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Live music’s ever increasing proximity to residential areas is inevitable. More live music, as it turns out, is the music community’s “market reaction”, the Yin to the Yang, of our collective shift toward the “sharing” of most recorded music.

The changes that shift has wrought have dramatically altered what today’s musicians must do, to make a living. People with an overblown sense of entitlement aren’t going to necessarily appreciate what that means to their living conditions, however, so venues, like Nutty Brown Cafe, outside of Austin, and many more, face opposition.

“Debate over noise from Nutty Brown Cafe reaches state level”:

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Commentary: My Life Is Good | Randy Newman:

The Colbert Report: Noise & Sound

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Garret Keizer
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EXCERPT | ‘The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want’ | By GARRET KEIZER | Published: May 22, 2010

Where is Phil Music?

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Charlie Tesar | 1943 – 2010

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Buildings and People:

Liberty_Lunch… I don’t even remember who, how, or why I was hired ( $5/hr + beer tab credit), to be the carpenter on the remodel.

Wood from the Armadillo WH demolition site was being trucked across the river to the roofless site of the former Calcasieu Lumber Co. storage yard  that had become, through Charlie’s shear, creative genius, Liberty Lunch. We set about prettying up the place, and making a few things more functional, with Charlie, Mark, J-net and myself designing as we went.

We rebuilt the stage, extended the Bar, and, the front entrance was literally falling apart, so I built it back up, with a proper structural beam, which kicked it into “we need a Permit”, so I went down to the City permit office, and pulled one. That, right there, is, literally, one reason why I do, what I do, today.

El InteriorPeople:

… 5 or six years later, my wife Patricia and I run into Marcia and Charlie at the big, crazy, wild bus station, in Oaxaca. Charlie is with Marcia (I think it was before they were married) on an import trip for El Interior, Marcia’s shop in Clarkesville.

To myself, I recalled our lunch conversations about Morroco, Nicaragua, and points beyond, some of it said to be more than Peace Corps work, and I wondered, “Now just what all is that boy up to?”.

Buildings and People:

Joni Klasson's Liberty Lunch Parrot

… among my first friends in Austin, were David Short and Joni Klasson.

David was a member of Better Than TV Players, which IIRC, were based at Liberty Lunch. I’ll try to dig up a little more, but an immediate search doesn’t turn up much. There should be more on this exceptionally creative group, driven by one member’s urge to create, because she had been kicked out of Esther’s Follie’s, again, IIRC.

Joni did the big, beautiful Parrot on the brick wall, at the back entrance.


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